alpha bomb

wearing: alpha industries slim bomber, topshop dress, h&m hat, vintage flannel, aritzia sweater

i'm having a bit of an obsession with bomber jackets at the moment. it's in part due to a) my 90's love affair, b) a slight detective holder influence and c) a resurgence of the style once again with the fashion set, especially with the swedes. i've already purchased a new "slim line" version of the burgundy bomber i had in 7th grade. i owned a knock off at the time, but now i'm proud to finally have a real deal alpha. next, i'm eyeing the filippa k jacket julia stegner is wearing above, but i'd love a worn in vintage piece too. 


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love these!

devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

Capri Models said...

nice pics x

karen t said...

Could anyone tell me the name of the brand for the bomber with the girl standing on the street x?

Cindy said...

Its Carin Wester