chuck tuesdays

i was visiting fashionista today and they were discussing gossip girl as per usual for a tuesday. one of the comments was how they should call their posts chuck tuesdays as they have a small obsession with ed's character, i have one as well although dan is quite nice too. so that's where i got the inspiration for this post title. it's also where one nice commenter answered my plea and informed me that my item of obsession from last night's episode was a cardigan from vena cava. as soon as i saw serena in the studded sweater i had to know who made and where i could get it. i've yet to find it for sale online but at least i have a pic from the vena cava website. while there i also fell in love with their leather jackets. i might have to track these down. side note*** i love how serena is starting to rely on chuck, just like a real brother it's great to see his softer side.

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