perogies and primitivo

woke up today to rice crispies and thrift store shopping. i managed to find two cute blazers/jackets. i need to fix some buttons and surgically remove some shoulder pads and we will see if they are keepers. after walking the streets for four hours i went by work for a wine tasting and then i headed to prague deli for perogies and schnitzel with sonya and mona. i've been trying to be more creative with my outfits and not just pick jeans and tee's all the time. i have so many cute things and i feel like i'm not making the most of my wardrobe so today i wore three new acquisitions. i'm really glad i bought this tee, not only was it under 8$ but i just knew it would look great tucked into high waisted things. plus, the print has swallows, roses, skulls, swords and a diamond on it, sweet. this skirt looks great up at the ribcage but you can also wear it at the hip. that's what is so great about american apparel. the pieces are so simple that you can wear them a million ways, they're so versatile. it's also cooled down a lot since sunday night so i got to wear my suede motorcycle jacket that i love so much.

tee: h&m
belt: h&m
skirt: american apparel
leggings: aritzia
boots: vintage
jacket: vintage
sunglasses: roxy, breakfast club
earrings: gypsy
cuff: thrifted, 99 cents!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

those boots are great too! the leather looks really nice + super nice quality for vintage.
and what can i say about the coat! perfect cut/fit on you, and beautiful colour, great condition, and SO burberry.. you are prepared for next fall! i hate to say it but i actually can't wait for next fall, haha. wow can't believe this was 2 years ago, and its still so on trend/wearable now. so they say fashion always repeats itself!!