hearts, stars and birthday parties

after an awful work dream last night, never feeling like i would ever get caught up with things i woke up to an amazing brunch at mitzi's enjoying their famous oatmeal buttermilk pancake. it was a little chilly today so i got to wear the leather coat i got thrifting on wednesday. i also hit up american apparel, a vintage shop and the magazine store before i had to head into work. a better than average productivity for a workday for me. after work the gang headed to beaconsfield to celebrate alex's birthday and waiting for me when i got home from the bar was rascal, every ready for whiskas temptations and a warm bed. at the vintage store i picked up an amazing corseted silk albert nippon strapless dress. not only was it really cheap and in great condition but it has an adorable heart and star print. which, looking at my tattoo and jewelry collection is very me. i think it will be the perfect thing to wear to sonia's birthday party next month.

listening to: america, razorlight and almost lover, a fine frenzy
eating: home made chocolate chip muffins, mmmm.
coat: thrifted
sweater: aritzia
black tank: aritzia
polka dot tunic: zara
jeans: modified see thru soul
moccasin boots: minnetonka
bag: tylie malibu
scarf: vintage
jewelry: claires, american eagle, marc by marc jacobs


lisa said...

So, your blog pops up on my google alert every time you list your outfit. I have to say that I love seeing you rocking your Tylie Bag!
We even forwarded your blog entry from when you picked out your bag to the bloomingdales buyer. Anyway, you are very cute. Thanks for supporting the line. email me your address so i can send you something special. lisa@tyliemalibu.com

Cindy said...

thanks so much, i love love love my bag. i get so many complements on it and it goes with everything. i pretty much use it everyday. plus, it holds a ton.