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i thrifted this vintage smart set top a while back and it got me thinking how cool stores like smart set, esprit, canary island and cotton ginny were back in the 80's. it's funny how places go in and out of favor with teens and how quickly a store can loose it's "it factor". i don't think i've shopped at smart set since 8th grade but this top is so cute with it's sailor collar. i spent this day spending money at urban outfitters and buying random items like nuts and cheese in the market. it's been a few weeks since i hit urban and i loved too many things. i settled on three items, a brown vest, eagle print tee and my fav. a pair of button up high waisted shorts. on a side note i was checking out fashion toast today and rumi was posting about empire records. it's so funny because i just bought that movie and have been thinking about it a lot lately with my new rory cochrane obsession.

top: vintage smart set, thrifted
belt: h&m
jeans: paige
headband: urban outfitters

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