bum like you

today i woke up a little late after nachos and blue light at brazen head plus some late night gossip girl watching on youtube. i still have to catch the last half as i couldn't find it uploaded anywhere. i decided to check out some shoes and pick up the robyn album so kevin and i went to bloor st. i bought some fantastic nine west gladiator heels, no not the ones your thinking of, although those wedges may be mine soon as well. they're blue with big buckles and super comfortable and i could have got three pairs there were so many nice pairs there right now. after shopping we went to future bakery to hang with the university kids and eat chicken stew and chocolate blackout cake, my favourite. i wore my new 90s dress that i thrifted the other day and my fab black leather moccs. i know my eyes are closed in the outfit pic but i think it looks kind of cute so i posted it anyway. it's like i'm imagining something good. tonight i'm going to make lasagna and try and find the rest of gossip girl online. then i'm going to site back and damn the man and save the empire as my dvd finally came today. you know that means an empire records post is forthcoming. all the best.

dress: vintage paris blue, thrifted
belt: h&m

leggings: american apparel

moccasins: laurentian chief

necklace: vintage

earrings: red pegasus

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