show me love

so as i've said i went to the robyn show at the phoenix on monday and the swedish blond put on an incredible show. the audience sang along to almost every song as you can see from the video and she did a fierce medley of buffalo stance, push it and sexual eruption. she actually did a duet with snoop for that song and you can get it on itunes. i went to the show with jessie and andrew and after robyn's two encores i picked up a great robyn printed tote and headed to meet up with the gang at brazen head. although i had some robyn downloads and her late 90's hit "show me love" on a number of mix tapes i didn't have her new record as it's just been released here. so i picked it up today and it's a fantastic disc, my favourite song is "be mine". i also love "with every heartbeat", "who's that girl", "bum like you", "konichiwa bitches" and "handle me". check out some vids below of "show me love" and "keep this fire burning". i would have posted "be mine" but i was bouncing around so much whilst filming it you might throw up if you watch it.

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