do the grapevine

today was my sister's birthday and she and the fam came by my work to celebrate. during the day i pretty much just hung out around the house. kevin and i had bbq, i did some online shopping at the urban outfitters sale, and i even broke out my favourite work out tape and did some cardio. i'm trying to get my bikini body ready for the cottage and i love cheesy work out tapes. my favourite of all time is the mtv grind series from the late 90's starring eric from the real world. who wouldn't want to cool down with the sounds of coolio and work up a sweat with "dance" moves by famed choreographer tina landon. so fun. i also tried to help out two baby raccoons that kevin found huddled under a car. we called wildlife rescue but i think they'll be ok because they ran away from us and they weren't injured or crying. they were so cute and small, raccoons are my favourite.

sweater: h&m
dress: vintage thrifted
belt: urban outfitters
socks: winners
shoes: minnetonka

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