two girls two looks

two fab outfit shots from two very stylish girls. the first shot is from facehunter and the second is emma from emma's closet. i love the pants in the first shot. i have a similar pair and i have a hard time wearing them in a way so they don't look like a bad catholic school uniform. i think the key is heels and keeping it slim on top. because they certainly don't look to retro or frumpy on this lovely lady. the composition of the second photo of emma is just amazing. emma always takes her own photos but she does it in a way that's interesting and esthetically beautiful. plus her outfit is very cute. i share her love of hunters, vintage leather belts and stripes, but then so do a lot of girls.i wonder how much of her photos are skill and luck and how much are photoshop. i never photoshop my blog photos but i think that doing so is quite common for fashion bloggers, maybe i should start using my skills and baller out true north style.

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