i love urban outfitters

today was the grand opening of the new urban on queen west. i had to go and funny enough i ran into my friend jenny and she said she thought she'd see me there, after all it is my favourite store. the place looked great, a lot like the ones in new york. it was busy though and kevin came along so i didn't really look at everything in detail. i will head over there next week to have a more thorugh look around. that said i did buy a few things. i found a great lace body suit similar to the hanky panky one i posted after my desperatley seeking susan write up. i also got 2 more la flair polishes. a rad hot pink my friend jackie was sporting the other day and a light yellow that i'm wearing on my toes in the next post pictures. finally, i got this cute navy belt which is perfect to wear with dresses and high waisted skirts. i love the floral detail. going to urban always makes me a little sad though because i want to work in their merchandising department so badly, hire me! i'd be a perfect match just look at my devotion on my blog. hopefully, it will happen one day. oh, aren't the cn tower totes so cute?

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