blue suede shoes

today i put together a light summery look. i wanted to wear my newly studded cardi so i decieded on a gauzy tank, that way i wouldn't be too hot at work. this is a great vintage top i got for 10 or 20 dollers. i also wore my other new sandals. these were a lot less comfortabe then the ones i wore yesterday but i love the colbolt colour. perfect outfit for walking around queen, heading to work and drinks at beacs.

cardigan: american apparel, diy
top: vintage
jeans: levis
sandals: steve madden
scarf: vintage carachel


Althea said...

You are looking awesome!! My friend got the same stuff shoes from ShoeBuy few months back.

Cindy said...

thanks, it's been great to finally start wearing all my new summer clothes. they're cute shoes, very versatile i just wish i didn't have blisters right now. more blister block next time.

Lisa said...
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Cindy said...

i realized i said my cardi was diy but i never explained how i made it. it was super easy. you just have to buy some light weight studs that have prongs on the back. then you just poke them through the fabric and press down the prongs. jersey is easy to poke through but you have to make sure the studs aren't too heavy so they don't pull at the fabric. i also studded some jeans but they were harder to get through. you could always make the holes first though with a knife or scissors.