one of the boys

i felt like being comfy today so i decided to channel my skater days of youth and wear my vintage baggy levis. i love the heart shaped patch on them but they are so long in the crotch you have to wear a long top to balance it out. i love wearing oversized things it's like your boyfriend's clothes. in fact whenever my guy gets his clothes together to give away i always look through them for stuff i may like. i wear his old tees to bed and to workout in. i also found the rest of my fabric bracelets i made last time i was in portugal. my aunt that's currently visiting is the one with the sewing business whose scrapes i used to make the bracelets. i spent the day hanging out in the market. i checked out some vintage shops and saw some teak furniture to die for. i also had a nice mexican lunch and a margherita on a patio. it's nice to just go to a restaurant with a book and have a drink and a nice meal by yourself sometimes. i'm currentley reading strawberry shortcake murder. i know it sounds cheesy but i love culinary mysteries. you get to try and figure out who dun it and get great recipes. this series is all about a girl with a cookie shop so all the recipes are for baked goods which is ideal for me because i prefer baking to cooking. tonight we racked up another "w" in baseball and i even tried to catch a ball. i ended up stopping it with my shin and will probably have a bruise but we won so it was worth it. go cudas. p.s. i wore my new studded gladiators today and they were super comfortable. i'd totally recommend them even though one of the jewels is coming off already.

top: american apparel
jeans: vintage levis, vintage 69
shoes: steve madden
bracelets: diy

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