courage my love

today i spent the day with my mom, my aunt and my sister. we had a yummy lunch at mitzi's as usual and then we checked out some shops. i got a dress at h&m and a few items at aritzia. i'm still not 100 percent sure i'm keeping it all but we'll see after i try things with what i have at home. i think tomorrow i'm going to go to courage my love and get some more studs. it's a great vintage store in the market that also sells beads and buttons. tonight i customized my aa jersey cardi with some gold studs and it looks so good i might have to bedazzle a couple more items. plus, the market means yummy cheese and fresh produce. we also have baseball tomorrow and i'm looking forward to what looks to be our first sunny game.

jacket: vintage
top: aritzia
jeans: ag
boots: vintage
necklace: h&m, customized luv your pets


wilco22 said...

Is there a brand on those vintage boots? I love the whole outfit as well. Thanks.

Roz Bell said...

hey, thanks for the nice comment. the boots are a mystery. all they say on them is made in portugal. i don't know why they aren't labelled. maybe because they were deadstock. i owe them to my friend carly because i only got them because they didn't fit her. she saw them first.

Cindy said...

roz bell is me. i was signed in under my boyfriend, ha.