when you feel life ain't worth living

it's so nice to be up to date with the blog. this is the outfit i'm actually wearing as i type this to you. maybe i'm so on top of things because there's not too much happening today. i have to be at work in an hour and i spent the day reading the new harpers, can you believe it's the fall preview already? i mean it's only just getting warm here. tomorrow i'm going to the christie antique show. it's the biggest antique show of the year and hopefully i'll find some linens to cover my new kitchen benches, some mid century furnature and some clothes and accesories in my price range. wish me luck. oh, my new luv your pets shipment came today. i got two new charms, this siver circle with blind melon "change" lyrics and a gold circle with the quote from that cute bangle i posted the other day, " truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime". 

sweater, tee, dress, bird necklace and belt: all h&m
bangle: vintage
shoes: laurentian chief
siver charm: luv your pets, customized

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