who's that girl

i had a rare sunday off this weekend so kev and i decieded to head to the baseball game and check out our jays. they hit a rough patch at the end of april but they won on sunday and are currently on a 5 game win streak, yeah. speaking of baseball the barracudas, the beer league team i play on with my friends, have out first game tomorrow. hopefully, we defend our championship title from last year and come out on top. back to the clothes, i decided to channel kate on sunday so i wore my skinniest skinny jeans, my superfines, to the game. i love how skinny they are and the zippers at the ankle. plus, they are the skinny jean that kate moss made famous and arguably launched the skinny movement. the one problem with them is i had to get them a size bigger so they'd fit the the leg so they're always falling down my waist. i need to tailor them. they're also the kind of pants that you have to peel off so once they get put on they stay on until bed, no trying stuff on.

vest: urban outfitters
top: alternative apparel
jeans: superfine
boots: vintage ropers
bag: vintage

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