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i know i've been slacking with the posts but i have been taking lots of pictures so expect many upcoming updates. i'm going to start with my outfit from friday. i cannot get enough of the high waisted mini and this dress belted is a complete take on that look. i layered the dress with a plaid flannel because it's a tank and i was working, it was a little chilly and well because i love plaid flannels. i finished off the look with my cute brown booties from beacons closet that my sister refers to as hobo boots. i don't think she'd be caught dead in them, we have very different styles. also, after what might have turned out to be some improper home bang cutting i decided to forgo the usual side sweep for curled blunter bangs. i think next hair cut i might go for shorter bangs. finally, here's the answer to the "did i didn't i" question. this is my new swallow tattoo and i'm calling him charles, charley or chuck for short. mom, i hope you like it because i love it.

*side note* the next few posts will all be named after robyn songs because i saw her live last night and she was awesome, so so good. definitley check out her album but especially try and see her live because i think her live performance was even better then the record and that is not usually the case.

plaid shirt: winners
dress: american apparel
belt: vintage
tights: gap
boots: vintage, beacons closet
necklace: in god we trust
earrings: dufferin mall

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