yesterday was sonia's birthday party but before i headed to her backyard bash i met up with my mom and my aunt for some antique shopping. we went to the christie show and i don't know if we got there too late or if it was because it was so busy but i was underwhelmed with the selection. i didn't see any furniture i loved, never mind in my price range. the linens were also disappointing but i did find one flannel blanket that i used to cover my kitchen benches. in fact along with a small vintage satchel and an edwardian jacket that was all i got. not very inspired. after the show we stopped at winners and i found a hot pair of stacked heel peep toes with a chain detail that will be great with wide pants like the ones i wore to sonia's party. i went for the retro british rock look. i wore my new studded tank that i posted the other day and my favourite cowboy boots. i don't wear these jeans much because they're so long i have to wear heels. now, heels are usually not that comfortable for long distances and when i go out i prefer to walk instead of drive. i also can't wear them to work so that means these pants don't come out much but i still love them. the party was fun and sonia loved the necklace i customized with wonderwall lyrics for her. hopefully, her and chris come out tomorrow night for indiana jones and indian food.

sweater: vintage
tank: h&m
belt: vintage
jeans: citizens of humanity
boots: vintage
hat: french connection
earrings: clairs
bracelet: club monaco

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