there's a fly in my butter

it's finally warming up so i'm making use of my summery dresses.  i even wore my favourite boho belt that's been hiding in the back of my closet for three years. i love the studs on it. the earrings i'm wearing are handmade by a girl in portugal. i love the butterflies.

dress: uniqlo
belt: mango
shoes: minnetonka


fashionfix said...

aw, the earrings are so pretty! and I love the blue of the dress.

Cindy said...

yeah they're very cute. i hope she opens a store on etsy so i can get some more stuff. i did buy a couple necklaces from her too that i'll be wearing soon.

moc said...

those are my favorite moccasins I love your collection!

Cindy said...

ahhh i have an obsession. these were my first but i wear them the least because they're too big. i didn't know you have to size down on moccs when i ordered them.