floral ruffles and rainy puddles

saturday night ended with thunder storms and chick flicks but it started out as a hot and steamy day. i was able to wear my recently cropped cut offs and a newly recieved tank. if you haven't noticed i've been doing a bit of shopping lately. my credit card statement can attest to it. but, as of payday all will be back in the black so i don't have too much buyers remorse. i spent the day returning an item and shopping at the new urban outfitters on queen. i found some great acid wash skinnys. they are guys so they're a bit big in the waist but still look great on and i also got an ombre dyed dress that will be great for hanging out buy the water. after shopping i met up with kevin for sushi and we ended the afternoon reading our books and relaxing to the sounds of rainstorms. this top is fantastic, so pretty and comfortable. i first wanted after my friend sonia got it when we were in new york. i didn't want to copy her so i never purchased it but when i got an email about the urban outfitters memorial day sale and saw it was only 19.99$ i couldn't resist.

top: urban outfitters
bra top: american apparel
shorts: thrifted, abercrombie, diy
shoes: steve madden
hat: urban outfitters
necklaces: urban outfitters and in god we trust

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