my belated jumper

this is an outfit from one week ago. i took these pictures with kevin's camera and then he left for nashville with them so the look is a little belated. the jumper i'm wearing is a favourite thrifting find. i love that it's a 90's rayon piece but that it's a plaid not a floral. it's from northern reflections, a store that sold sweatshirts with cats on them and other 1990's suburban mom gear. it also had a children's store that sold these ub anywhere sweatsuits that all the cool girls in my 4th grade class would wear. two girls in particular, who were best friends, would always wear matching sweatsuits and pretend they didn't call each other the night before to plan their outfits, so mean girls plastic. i saved all my birthday money that year so i could get my back to school wardrobe from that store. my favourite piece was a long sleeved cotton floral babydoll dress that i would wear with docs, very cool.

tee: urban outfitters
jumper dress: thrifted, northern reflections
belt: vintage
moccasins: minnetonka
headband: urban outfitters

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