super diy sunday

i've been really into the diy lately, cutomizing things with studs, shortening thrifting buys etc. and today's outfit is no excepton. these jeans i found in a thrift store a few weeks ago for 7.99$. i don't normally buy jeans in thrift stores unless i'm lucky to find some great fitting vintage or a premium denim pair like these sevens. they weren't perfect and needed some work to make them into something i'd wear. first i removed all the horrid crystals they had on their pockets  and then i had to redo all the pocket stitching. today i decided they needed to be skinnys and i took in the legs. i think i may end up ripping the knees too but i'm going to live with them like this for a while. i also made the bracelets i'm wearing. i just used stretchy clear string and tied the beads closed so they were super simple to do but i love the black and metallic beads, they're so pretty. finally, i wore my plaid jacket that i took in about 8 sizes and cropped. all together, quite the creative look. this outfit also proved how versatile my lace bodysuit truly is as it provided the perfect amount of coverage and support for my open back tee. both items are on sale on the urban website right now so go buy them! they are great, easy and summery pieces.

jacket: vintage thrifted
tee and lace bodysuit: urban outfitters
jeans: thrifted and modified seven for all mankind
moccs: minnetonka
bag: mulberry, brooke
bracelets: diy
earrings: h&m

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