petal power

i love all of the fashion forward floral items h&m has been producing for their trend line lately. i've tried on a couple of different shapes and patterns and most of the items fall into that category of clothing that's a longish shirt or a short short dress. this piece was an exception. it is long enough to wear confidently as a dress but because of the tighter hem it can be folded under and worn with skinny pants or leggings. it may not be the most fashion forward piece i tried but it still had an interesting shape, fun ruffles, pockets! and a black contrasting bodice. plus, it can be worn both belted to define the waist and loose and blouson. a bonus is that it looks great with my blue platforms, i love these shoes so much, and my yellow pedicure.

dress: h&m
belt: h&m
shoes: nine west
polish: la flair


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thanks, the dress is hard not to look good in as it's so flattering and hides the bits that might need hiding.