when i'm good i'm good when i'm bad i'm better

the other day i went to aritzia with my sister and almost broke the bank. aritzia is the kind of store that i either want nothing or everthing in. right now they are doing some great stuff and i bought two sweaters, a bandeau, tube top and a high waisted skirt. what i love about this sweater is you can wear it two ways. normally it is longish and slim cut or upside down so it is shorter and has more volume. you can even wear the extra fabric up like a hood. plus, it has studs, so cute, on the seams. this outfit is pretty simple but it includes something from all my favourite stores, urban outfitters, h&m, aritzia and some vintage.

sweater: aritzia
tube top: aritzia
jeans: urban outfitters
boots: hunter
belt: vintage
scarf: h&m
cuff: thrifted

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