apple a day

something old and something new with my accessories today. the unveiling of the new heeches that i'm sure most of you know well and pulling out the old apple belt for a splash of colour. this belt i bought because it reminded me of the ads from the very first marc by marc collection. he had done some belts with fruit buckles and when i found this vintage apple belt years ago i thought here's my chance to have a piece of the collection without the designer price tag. another new photo layout, this one is a bit cleaner and simpler and i think i'm leaning this way. a little reminder to everyone, amazon has a pre-order on right now for the aug.17th release of gossip girl season one and you get a large discount if you order now. i've got mine already. xoxo.

dress: urban outfitters
shoes: nine west
belt: vintage


Fashion Addict said...

That's a nice dress and the apple belt ads a little twist to it all! Love it.

BTW, would you care to do a link exchange with me?

Cindy said...

love too. i'll add you to my blogroll.