black lace is very sexy

on saturday i took out some new pieces for some sale shopping at holts. while out in the shops i came to a few conclusions. one, holts needs to start carrying mulberry again, please! two, i love the ysl messenger bag in grey and i'd love it more if i could afford it. three, these heels are only comfortable for an hour of shopping but they look great all day and four these shorts are fantastic but i must carry a lint roller every time i wear them.  i couldn't decided whether to wear my cropped tee tucked into the high waisted shorts or tucked out so i wore it half the day in and half the day out. i think it looks good both ways. another thing i've learned today with the outfit i'm currently wearing is my next bag purchase should really be brown and not grey like i've been leaning towards. all my brown bags are the size of postage stamps. oh, you may be wondering if i got some deals at holts, well i bought a see by chloe tank and a marc by marc henley. i feel in love with an elizabeth and james bondage dress but i left it as i didn't think kevin would let me out of the house in it as it was scan-dal-ous.

top: philip lim 3.1
shorts: urban outfitters
heels: nine west
bag: tylie malibu
glasses: linda farrow vintage

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