ch-ch-check it out

another surprise from forever 21. buffalo check, stretchy belt, high waist and just the right amount of fullness. it reminds me a lot of mcq by a. mcqueen. i spotted this skirt from the line while i was waiting to buy a headband and had to get it. is it just me or is it funny that forever 21's sizing is just, s. m. l. etc? i guess that how they keep things cheap, less variation. two sweet outfits and two good hair days in a row. i had to add the pin to keep my shirt up because it's oversized and constantly falling off the shoulder. i love the sheerness though and i think a little slouch is very flattering. today has been so crummy, with so much rain that it's got me thinking about fall and i went to a.a. and bought two pairs of over the knee socks. perhaps, i'll be channeling alexa at glastonbury while shopping in nyc? without the unflattering jean shorts though, those made her look huge and she has a fantastic if not skinny body.

top: urban outfitters
skirt: forever 21
shoes: nine west
earrings: claires
pin: vintage


Anonymous said...

your a damn good lookin woman!

Cindy said...

thank you, but i only post the flattering photos so that helps :)