blue laced

one of my favourite dresses, with a corseted top and a flowy skirt. it's sexy, easy and the colour makes it all season. just add tights, a cardi or even a top underneath the bodice and it's perfect for fall. showing off my bright orange and dusty purple polish, rimmel and nyc colour respectively. more about penelope, what a sweet movie. great characters, christina ricci is so charming and james mcavoy makes the perfect romantic lead. he's not too attractive, too buff or too perfect. he's messy, flawed, real and with perfect eyes.  i didn't think i'd like it so much and the set direction was beautiful. it reminded me a lot of moulin rouge. tonight, i'm going to watch 21 and see it jim sturgess and kate bosworth are as captivating, hopefully it lives up to the book. 

dress: urban outfitters
shoes: nine west
necklace: marc by marc jacobs
bracelet: vintage

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