fill it up

this is one of those pieces i was talking about that i can't decided what to do with. it is a vintage denim coverall by liberty that i bought a few years back at a vintage clothing show. i had a little obsession with worker's coveralls in high school and i was excited to find one that fit me. it's very seventies as it has a high waist, flared legs and a very sexy cut. i think i've worn it all of two times because i find it a bit costumy/charlie's angels and it is a little short in the leg so i have to wear it with flats. should i keep it? sell it? or shorten the legs into shorts to make a romper?

what would you do with this piece?


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Anonymous said...

i agree, make it into a romper

you should consider setting up an e-bay store, it would be a really good investment

Cindy said...

romper is the advice so far. i was thinking that too it's just once you cut you can't go back so i'm a bit nervous about it.