girls love horses

i'm trying more and more to decorate my apartment and really start to make it feel like a home. like i've mentioned before i never expected to say here long so i never put much thought into making it my own. but, after 3 years here it's clear i'm not going anywhere so i better start the improvements. this gallery is a recent addition. it started with the circle mirror and the mary picture. my boyfriend loves mary imagery and he wants this pic as a tattoo on his arm. i don't know if he'll ever go through with it, he's a tattoo virgin, but for now she hangs on our wall. then the other day i was cosmically drawn to the salvation army. i never shop there because the selection is beyond awful at this location but for some reason i had to go in. there i found this adorable horse mirror. i love horse imagery and i've always wanted horse drawings and paintings. this one is a little kitschy but i love it and the three pieces make a nice grouping. i hope to continue to add to the group and turn the space into a full gallery wall as i collect more interesting pieces.

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