nylon, denim issue august 2008

i'm a magazine addict and every month i scour the racks for inspiration and fashion buys. i'm not nice to my magazines and tear out all my favourite pages leaving the rest of the book for the recycling bin. i can always tell when a magazine is particularly good by the number of torn out pages. usually nylon ranks high on my list and i love the annual denim issue but this year i was a bit disappointed. i thought the pictures of mischa barton were nice but her interview did nothing for her. in fact i like her so much less now that i've read it. the editorials were uninspiring and only noot seear saved it for me with one tear. that said these are the things i liked. 1. denim issue equals great denim ads and i loved this diesel one. great styling, loved the native imagery and great jeans. 2. i loved the balmain inspired page, great a. wang bag and vuitton scarf. 3. thelma and louise, fab. the icon page is probably my fav. nylon feature and this one didn't disappoint. great boots, almost as good as these golden goose ones that i love but way cheaper and awesome acid wash diesel jeans. 4. the diesel article. i see a trend here, maybe i'm liking the diesel. i can't wait for nyc and the diesel flagship. i've never had a pair but my sister is a huge fan and these distressed ones are great. 5. great travel article on kenya with beautiful images. also loved the look at edinburgh and new zealand appealing to the travel junkie in me. 6. noot looking fantastic. adore the jacket and the short details. she has amazing hair, colour, cut everything. 7. distressed denim, yeah! love the levis and a. wang pair but hate aggy why is it impossible to get away from her? so overexposed. 8. finally the bag check. i love the leather bound notebooks and need one on my fall wishlist, the smythson is especially cute. honorable mentions: good society denim blurb, love that they're organic, fair trade and look great;current/elliott blurb, you all know i love this brand & can't wait for it to hit stores; headband feature, long live b.; dulcinee shop post, i'll have to go there when i hit nyc; bunnyshop.org article; and the feature on the new water repellent a. wang zip up jeans, i loved this collection.


Stephanie said...

hey Cindy- the Nylon post is such a coincidence- I agree about the Mischa article- not too insightful and was a rather static portrayal of her. I did like the last bit though- excerpt from her mother/daughter banter.
Also, looove the louis vuitton scarf- would love to own it in the orange black combo- the price, however, doesn't reciprocate the love! :-)

Cindy said...

the price is brutal. but it's usually the case that the things one loves the most cost the most. at least the scarf is proving to be a classic piece, it's been around for a few seasons now which is more then i can say for half the stuff i buy at mall stores. maybe one day i'll turn into one of those people who buy a few expensive amazing pieces a year instead of a whole lot of smaller pieces, but it's hard to break the temptation of always getting something new.

Stephanie said...

Oh- I completely know what you mean- i've always wanted to be one of those girls who saves up and buys a great investment piece, but somehow i'm always the girl who buys a handful of things and then thinks- i should have not bought all that stuff and put my $ towards a great purse, or jacket. I'm in desperate need of a great leather bomber and i'm trying to save for a YSl purse- so it remains to be seen if old habits die hard...!