i'm no penelope

it's been so long, too long and i have so many posts for you that they'll probably be over two days. i'll jump right into things with this outfit from last week. after trying to pair down my closets again i decided these french connection star pocket jeans had their last days as pants and chopped them into long shorts. i'll definitely wear them more now and considering how i searched forever for them in my obsessive star phase i should wear them as much as possible. these earrings also came out of that time in my life, oh about 4-5 years ago. i must also express how fantastic these gap pocket tees are, so soft, not clingy, great muted colour i may have to get one in navy for fall. first i'm going to see if the oil stains come out of this one because it's essential that my tees wash well in my current line of work but i hope i won't have that problem anymore in the near future. i am kind of excited for the fall gap line though and seeing the grunge inspired looks patrick robinson has come up with, it looks great in the layouts i've seen. for some reason the photos are a bit blurry, i think it's the low light, but i'm also contemplating a new camera. maybe i'll buy one before my trip to nyc because i'm going again in october, yeah! i booked over the weekend and i'm so excited. i'm going with my sister for a girl's weekend which is sure to include lots of shopping and hopefully topshop.

currently i'm: buying mgmt on itunes, listening to j. timberlake, watching penelope and falling in love with james mcavoy again, plowing through a huge stack of magazines, hearing the thunder and rain and dreaming of cafe habana and mulberry in october.
top: gap
scarf: h&m
earrings: gypsy
shorts: modified french connection
shoes: converse

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