i'm not a rachel bilson movie

wednesday held thrift store browsing, baseball playing and control watching. i decided to wear this aqua jumper to it's former home at the thrift store and i picked out a blazer, a coat and a sweater. i also got a silk menswear inspired pj top as i'm feeling very chuck bassy since pics have surfaced of the gossip gang shooting in the hamptons. after shopping and mitzi's brunch we headed to our first baseball game of summer and beat our friendly rivals by 8 runs to lead the division. i hope we keep it up and win our division even though we'll be missing some games due to our vacation. my sis even hit a homer and i got home on all my hits except one. after the game i rented control, the movie about ian curtis from joy division. it was very depressing and sad so it's hard for me to say if i liked it or not. there were some fabulous outfits worn by annik, the belgian reporter though. as for the jumper i don't know if i'll keep it. i'm thinking more and more of selling things on ebay especially since i purged my vintage shoe collection so i think i may sell it if i do that.

jumper: thrifted
belt: banff trading post
gladiators: steve madden

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