my poor puppy

earlier this week my dog became very sick and we have found out that he will not be getting better. because he is in a lot of pain we have decided it is best to put him down. today i'm going with him to the vet to say goodbye. i am very sad as buddy was the best puppy in the world and i love him so much. i will miss you xoxoxo. buddy 1994-2008.



Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'll add you to my favourites too! =)

Aahw, your dog looked so sweet! too bad he passed, but 14 is a beautiful age! =) jack russels are such great dogs, this month I moved with my boyfriend to another town, my dog (her name is Roxy) lives at my parents house and I miss her so much! Did you get a new dog already? =)

sabrina said...

it is always rerribel too loose a so good and beautiful friend