birthday girl

i wanted to wear something special on monday because it was my birthday and i'm silly like that. i'm a true boho/rock and roll chick at heart and so i thought this outfit was very fitting. an original 70's embroidered tunic, cutoffs, buttery boots and knee highs, a la all my british fashion idols. after work, for a night partying at the ex (the big annual carnival in toronto) and the beaconsfield i changed into a sexier black outfit but, the day belonged to channeling penny lane.

top and boots: vintage
shorts: modified abercrombie
socks: h&m
tank: aa


Miranda said...

very cute top! and happy birthday!

Sadie said...

I like your blog, it's always nice to see another Canadian chick who is into fashion. However, could you do me a teeny favour and fix the spelling of Canadian in your "about me"? Seeing it misspelled kind of makes me cringe. Otherwise, blog on sista!

ps - cool boots.

Cindy said...

thanks for the birthday wishes