nice jeans summer

sometimes when i see something i want online or in magazines there's such a strong attraction that i feel i must have the item immediately. i covet it. it's not always possible to have these items due to cost or availability. that 's when i head to the thrift or vintage store to try and find something similar. sometimes it's uncertainty that keeps me from a purchase. i have gotten a few things online that were too big or didn't suit me so when i saw the current/elliot jean launch i was weary to pre-order. i loved the jeans but what if they weren't flattering on me?, everything looks good on models. i decided to wait until nyc when i could try them on but until then i thought i'd model an old pair of marc by marcs after the current/elliot boyfriend jean rachel bilson is sporting. they aren't as distressed but i sanded them to death with a sanding block so hopefully in a few washes they'll be as destroyed as these.

top: h&m
jeans: marc by marc jacobs, modified
moccs: minnetonka
belt & bangle: vintage

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Stephanie said...

Those jeans look great on you, Cindy. Great look! And you really suit the "boyfriend cut". Don't you sometimes feel like the great thing about blogging is that writing and posting about the items you covet in a way almost gives you the same satisfaction as if you'd purchased them? This has happened to me a couple of times with trendier pieces- i'll want them and then i'll post about them and suddenly it's like i'm cured of my temptation to splurge!

*i'm glad i was able to shed some light on your great style with that post.