it's gets to be that time half way through summer where although you're loving the warm weather you start wishing for fall. you miss being able to layer things, giant magazines, a crisp wind and lots of new things in the shops. the other day i couldn't deny the pull and had to head to the stores to see if i could find any early fall items. i came back with a new scarf and lots of tights. the scarf is light weight enough to wear now especially in the evening so i piled it on the other day. worn with one of my favourite t-shirt dresses and my ballet flats i thought a tight, boot or knee sock could easily transform this outfit from summer to fall. i did get my loafers finally and i'm wearing them today so i'm going to try and have some posts of them ready to load while i'm on vacation. that said tns will be a little quieter than usual over the next 2 weeks as i will be doing nothing but laying on a dock, reading huge september magazine editions, fishing, drinking and playing boccie. i've got some posts on delay so there will be some new stuff though. well, all for now i got macaroons to take out of the oven.

dress: aritzia
scarf: h&m
necklaces: h&m, luv your pets & american eagle
shoes: london sole

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