going out on the port

one night we decided to head into town and see what kind of night life port carling had to offer. the local bar, of which there really is only one, was pretty busy but not exactually as fun as we'd hoped. "no jagger bombs as it makes the patrons too rowdy", they said. i thought the place could have used a little rowdiness. anyways we didn't stay long and after trying to convice chris he couldn't go to burger king for his usual after bar fix because there wasn't a burger king for miles, we turned in. i wore the one going out outfit i brought with me. grey skinnies and my slightly trashy open backed eagle tee. i dressed it up with some black eyeliner, which i don't normally wear but i think it turned out pretty nice. ps. don't mind the bathroom mirror shots it was the only one big enough to shoot in.

top: urban outfitters
jeans: earnest sewn

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