love birds

this is one of the new fall items i've picked up. a thrifted burgundy boys polo flannel shirt, i'm obessed. all i want to do is shop for fall but i'm trying to save. luckly i haven't been too tempted by what i've seen in the stores. only the gap had some things with the patrick robinson relaunch that i had to get. i'll post those pieces in a little gap post i have planned. i'm sure it will get worst over the next month though as the second wave of fall shipments hit stores. i wore my new find with some old favourites. a great t-shirt dress, moccs, my tylie malibu and a favourite bird necklace that now matches my tattoo.

dress: aritzia
necklace: h&m
shoes: laurentian chief
bag: tylie malibu
sunglasses: beacons closet
shirt: thrifted, polo

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