une fille comme moi

i found this new blog une fille comme moi, through emma's closet and i'm totally taken with the amazing style of the girl's on it. it's all in french so i have only the smallest idea of what is written. if only i actually learned anything besides vocab and verbs in the 11 years of mandatory french classes i took in school. i can still sing the tele francias theme song though. this outfit that emma posted especially stood out. i actually bought a sweater just like this while at the cottage for 5 dollars to wear as a sweater dress when the weather turned cold. now i'm going to pick up an oversized shirt dress from h&m or steal a shirt from kevin so i can do my own version of this look.


Stephanie said...

I LOVE une fille comme moi!!! and Garance is a really sweet person which honestly makes her blog that much better!

*check out my blog today, Cindy, i posted about three of the blogs i find most influential and you're among the three.

Cindy said...

so sweet. thanks i will definitely check it out.