penny for your thoughts?

a quick post as i'm back in town for the afternoon to go to a wedding, but i still have to shower and get into my vintage luella. this outfit is centered around my penny loafers that finally arrived. i wore them for three days straight. very comfy. pairing them here with a fav. zipper top which always reminds me of those fab alexander wang shoes from fall 08. i found out they were done by manolo b. and therefore will probably be way out of my price range, will that be disappointing or dangerous?hmm. the cottage has been amazing even though it's rained the last three days. i can't wait to get back tonight for another week of vaca. see you all soon. cindy.

top: aritzia
shorts: vince
shoes: vintage charles jourdan


Anonymous said...

cute penny loafers!! cute top!!! want them both!

Cindy said...

aritzia is headed to the west coast of the usa if you're around there so you'll be able to get their great in house lines soon.