luella luella

this is my fab luella dress. i bought it at a vintage show a few years back for 20$ and last sunday i finally got a chance to wear it for my friend's wedding. i love the graffiti/comic graphic roses on it, the bright colours and the way the silk chiffon twirls and swirls when you walk. it is a size too large on me but it still fits well still you can see from the fall o5 runway shot it fits a lot tighter on querelle. i'm not sure if the sash from the runway look got lost along the way or was just for the show because i don't have it with my dress but it's still a fantastic piece. on a side note you can see my boyfriend's horrendous moustache in the polaroid shot from the wedding. he's obsessed with grant show's character on swingtown. unfortunately, he has no plans to get rid of it but at least it doesn't look too bad on him. oh, and it's great to be back stay tuned for a lot more posts!
dress: vintage luella fall 05
shoes: nine west
wrap: madewell
bag: vintage


Stephanie said...

hey Cindy- Looove your dress! It's so pretty and looks really good on you.

Cindy said...

thanks so much. it's the kind of dress that totally changes your mood when you wear it. instantly happier.