skins, oh wow

my new obsession is skins. a british teen drama, whose characters are so real, developed, well acted and endearing that i can't stop watching/gushing. over the last week or so i've watched the first two seasons, which feature the original cast. i fell hard for the gang; tony, michelle, syd, maxxie, chris, anwar, jal, effy and especially cassie. so much so that, i'm kind of heartbroken that the current third season only features effy but i definitely plan on getting the dvds so i can watch them over and over again. the series also has amazing music and you can check out a video below of the cast covering one of my favourite songs ever, wild world by cat stevens. i don't want to ruin the series for you by revealing story lines but i urge you all to rent it or watch it, you won't regret it. the show's so smart and candid that i might even like it more then gossip girl.  i know this post isn't fashion related but in the immortal words of chris from bristol, f*@#k it.


Katherine said...

I adore the way Cassie dresses. My friend and I were both commenting on how she can make anything look fantastic, like when she was wearing a skirt with dogs on it (which would normally be a little weird to wear) but she just made it look so good that we wanted one too. Her and Chris were my favourites. I didn't love the second season though; it was like it lost whatever the first season had that made it so good. How are you finding the third so far?

Stephanie said...

A- I love CAT!!!!! Reminds me of summer roads trips when the road is soo hot there are visual illusions of puddles on the road ahead. Do you know those?!

b- You're the second blogger to mention this series (this week) and now I'm definitely going to check it out!

c- have been swamped with pending deadline and simultaneously booking seats at Montreal Fashion Week (i'm going to shoot pictures for the "it-girl" feature i'm working on- it's like a spin-off of what I do for the blog, only for the magazine and they are working on June right now so I need to find some sort of summer looks which is why I'm going indoors to fashion week- to be honest, I don't know that this feature will take off in print- the three months ahead factor is kind of a big hurtle wardrobe-wise.) but I will be posting ASAP!! ;)


Cindy said...

katherine- i totally agree with you about the 2nd season. it did lose some of it's greatness and di get a bit overly dramatic. (i felt the same way about friday night lights too. it had a perfect first season and a slightly "what the fuck?" second season) although s.2 made me see chris as more then just the goofy druggie and more as a complete character. i actually think he was my favourite in season two. i haven't seen any of the season three stuff as i'm just watching it on youtube (it's not on in canada). i'm wondering if it's worth watching. do you like it? i do like effy so i think i may give it a go.

stephanie- cat stevens is my mom's favourite. she has all his records so he's always been a part of my life. summer road trips for me are always sam roberts, ccr, true blue era madonna and van morrison. also good luck with your photography, that sounds very exciting :)

rackkandruin said...

the show obviously sounds amazing. brit teen drama. love it.
"karen red" that is amazing. i love that you remember her telling you her hairdresser refused to dye her perfect color hair. oh highschool. thanks for adding my blog!

stephanie said...

Lady you need to get that dress! It stretches...initially it's pretty tight but I wore my black one so much it just hugs my body now, it's perfect. I wear it with or w/out a bra- depending on how i'm feeling- it's tight enough that either or is fine.
try it on next time you're in aa ;)


Bijou and Ruby said...

yes skins is the answer. I love comparing it with Gossip Girl and the OC its almost a joke (although GG and OC are still killa)

the new cast is slowly but surely growing on me...we shall see!

lvoe the blog by the way



Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

my friend told me about skins about a year ago, and wow, i love it! i wait every thursday for the time when the illegal copies of that weeks episode will be posted online! the new cast started off rocky, but is really doing great now. and the fashion - oh! both seasons know how to dress.