alexander wang?

at a time when alexander wang has become synonymous with sex, black, fringe, studs, grunge and all things wasson, it's hard to remember that he once did fresh, sexy, light, preppy clothes. in fact, i still love a lot of his earlier pieces, the vest dress, the grey pleated strapless dress, all the cashmere and rumpled cotton shorts.
don't get me wrong, i loved the fall 08 grungy/dirty collection to death, but my favourite wang look ever is actually from his very first collection for spring 07. modeled by one of my favourite girls, heather marks. (one of my lovely commenters alice, assured me this is not heather marks but after searching the web i can't figure out who she is, does anyone know?)
this is a perfect outfit and the shirt is probably the best button down i've ever seen.

source: tfs


Anonymous said...

i love this outfit just as much as his present stuff, actually maybe even more???


Michelle said...

wauw i LOVE that picture! I want those sunglasses!

stephanie said...

The links worked :)

This post is fantastic. You know I'd never even seen this collection before?!! This stuff is a FAR CRY from what he's doing now or like you said, vis versa. I also think this collection has more staying power whereas his latest work is all about trends (with some key pieces, of course).

Those gladiators were my favourites last summer and every time I see them in the stores I remember how much I lusted after them and how they were the "IT" gladiator in TO- I saw so many people wearing them! I never got to own them as they were sold out everywhere then. I just bought a few pairs of gojane gladiators but i'm really on a heels kick these past few months...


Alice X said...

wow. i love this look, it's so clean and lovely and that button down is really quite lovely. thanks soo much for your information about thrift stores, i will definately search them out next time! btw this isn't heather marks, i'm sure:)

pangea said...

i love love how thin the shirt is, its very sexy when ladies have ulra thin shirts on with no bra



Emma said...

Aw I love vintage wang! but also love watching him evolve as a designer and seeing the A-Wang Girl mature. Ps love your hair sweety! Looks so light and relaxed :D will be fab for the warmer weather.

Stephanie said...

no idea who she is- but I was wondering how everyone does the cross through on text? is it in photoshop (as I would imagine) or is there a function w.in blogger that I'm missing?