i realized i haven't posted in a while, so i thought i'd share one of my favourite editorials of late. it features masha novoselova and is shot by satoshi saikusa. i found the pics over at chicks with guns, one of my favourite new blogs to follow. the whole shoot puts me in the mood for southern utah. i adore the native american imagery, especially all the beading and headdresses. my favourite shot is the one on the horse, just stunning. this is in my top ten fashion photo shoots of all time.


Stephanie said...

editorial!!!!!!!!!!!I think my favourite shot has to be the one in the yellow dress: W O W.

gonna check out chicks with guns now ;)


Anonymous said...

amazing shoot. i love the top photo, really cool


Alice X said...

this is soo beautiful. i love masha.


E said...

I love the imagery too. I was just in New Mexico last summer and i'm so inspired by the southwestern landscape.

Emma said...

Oh i die for this. I have always been obsessed with Native Americans - history, culture, style, stories etc etc. This is beautiful!

Raez said...

this a great editorial! and awesome blog, dear!

Anonymous said...

aaaaa-aaaaa-mazing, editoral!!!!! Oh wow, it is truley breathtaking!! Great post.