kaya scodelario is effy

after seeing photos of the lovely willa holland on lefashion i noticed a similarity between her and the gorgeous effy from my current favourite show, skins. played by seventeen year old kaya scodelario, effy is the younger sister of the show's leading man tony stonem. effy capivates the viewers attention in every scene she's in and her beauty and style are so enviable. i had to share these shots with you of kaya done for her models 1 portfolio. check her out in the screen caps from skins below and as the star of season three airing now. pictures from models 1 and google.


rackkandruin said...

ok, i have to add skins to my netflix queue. i wanted to rent it the other night buy my boyf gave the veto. he loves the oc and gossip girl so i'm sure he'll get into this!

Stephanie said...

Wow- she's gorgeous!

Bex said...

She's even better in series 3 she has a wicked style and is so beautiful. You should check it out!


Cindy said...

the consensus seems to be that season three is worth watching. i do agree that effy's style greatly improves in the 3rd series from the screen caps i've seen.

maria memi said...

thanks for sharing these
like them so much