shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior

here it is, the "smells like teen spirit" editorial from elle magazine, shot by former t.n.s. feature photographer, carter smith and styled by ms. erin wasson. the spread features some of the hottest faces in young hollywood, including michael angarano, freida pinto, imogen poots, kristen ritter, alexis dziena, anton yelchin, sarah roemer, rafi gavron and the gorgeous isabel lucas. isabel is in my favourite shot of the series, the first below one on the left. i adore the liberty print mixed with plaid and she is just so stunning. i also love the first photo on the right with frida and micheal and the final two shots. they definitely, encompass the empire records theme of the shoot. plus, i adore sarah roemer (last pic on left) she was so good in disturbia. all in all, great editorial. i love erin's styling, it totally reflects her rvca line's aesthetic.

soure: elle.com


Stephanie said...

this editorial is amazing!!!!!
Empire Records, on a side note, was one of my favourite movies ever. i've seen that and clueless like a hundred times or more.


Kathleen said...

Oh, that my hair looked like Kristen Ritter's...

These photos are all fantastic. I especially love the last shot, with the records.

Amra said...

Nice pics! =) Really like the 5th and the 10th.