modelinia morning

i've been watching videos on modelinia all morning, i'm addicted. it's so cool getting to know more about my favourite models. i especially love when they show off their style by letting us in their closets and taking us shopping with them. we've all seen the ones of noot seear's closet and shopping trips so i didn't post those, even though they're probably my favourites. instead i give you the adorable myf sheppard tyring to put together an outfit at my favourite, beacon's closet with only 60$. i also posted an intro to dree hemingway. she seems to be everyone's favourite new face. i adore her shopping bit at the end when she heads to circa now. i need to check out this store next time i'm in new york. that blue jacket and those reddish heels are killer, she has great style.

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Stephanie said...

Modelinia is so addictive!

I love the mask thing Myf is wearing throughout- totally awesome!

when I'm thrifting, I sometimes find myself think about being able to rise to the occasion if I was put to a challenge like Myf's. I don't think i'd be very successful, but I know you'd be AMAZING!! you'd totally kill it!!

Cindy said...

you'd love beacon's closet. it's the ultimate thrifting experience. so much good stuff for cheap prices. when i went there were like seven pairs of salvatore f. bow flats. amazing.

rackkandruin said...

arghhhh, i can't stand dree. she comes off so incredibly vapid. her voice is quite mk as well. there, i said it. . . haha