shopping adventures

yesterday i decided to check out the shops and see if anything could tempt me from my current state of saving for utah/vegas. at the end of the afternoon all i came home with was twilight on dvd and the new uk elle and id magazines. i picked the daisy lowe cover because she is so badass. i still wanted something new though and today i hit the alternative apparel website and ordered some new tops. i also got a new rocky hoodie in the darker grey. i'm so excited for everything to arrive. i'm going to make my utah trip an alternative apparel vacation and excluding my wolf tee, i'm only bringing alternative tops. i just hope it's warm enough to get some swimming in. do any of my lovely readers live in the southern utah/northern arizona area? do any of you have an idea of the temperatures in mid-april there?

back to shopping, the piece i've been really wanting to add to my wardrobe is an amazing phillip lim cashmere sweater i saw at holts last week. it's basically the most perfect, "me" sweater i've ever seen. it's a grey, low-neck, oversized boyfriend style sweater with ruffles along the bottom of the back of it. it also comes in a cardigan shape, very cute. the only negative is it's 500$+ price tag. i can dream it will make it to the sales. this picture does not do it justice but it was the only one i could find online.


Stephanie said...

I can only imagine how soft that cardi is!! I really hope it goes on sale for you :)

Can't wait for that March id to get to Mtl. I wonder which cover I'll get...good call on the Daisy cover!

& I actually have my dashboard weather widget set at Mtl, Toronto and Scottsdale, Az cause I was there two summers ago and i absolutely love arizona- anyways, right now it says it's 27 degrees celcius there- all dry heat, so i'm pretty sure you'll be able to pack for summer when you go. When are you going?


Austere said...

I can imagin what it's like in person! I like the pullover version, but I'm sure the cardi would be heavenly as well. Here's to hoping you'll be able to find it on sale@

Stephanie said...

LOL you'll be FAB at the Mirage pool, no doubt lady!!! I'm so excited for your trip lol! Can't wait to hear all about it! And so true about the bag, I'm gonna try and take it easy on the OCD! You're so right to mention the part about needing that fabric to get the right dye. I hadn't thought about that.

I only caught a bit of GG tongiht in the end and it wasn't enough unfortunately to catch the fashion highlights- I was kinda tuning in while cooking. Multi-tasking as usual.

BUT I saw next week's preview and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I need to buy the series when it comes out in August and watch it beginning to end to make the final decision on whether or not I like season 2. I think season 1 is still my fave. So far not really blown away by the episodes, apart from some highlights- like last week's last 10 mins!


TML <3 said...

these jumpers/cardigans looks really comfortable! how have u made your header? I have allways wondered how u get writing with photoes in it! real cool :-)

Cindy said...

tml- for the header you have to use photoshop and create a clipping path. it's almost like punching the letter out of your fav. picture. it was how raych of "that's chic" originally had her's. she has a step by step tutorial of how to do it on her blog. go here:http://www.thatschic.net/2008/03/100th-post_11.html

good luck.

Emma said...

Loved the multiple covers! I got the Kate one (just had too, shes the classic brit girl) but havnt had a chance to even open the mag yet :(