who let the wolves out?

the day i bought the zara wolf tee i wore in the last outfit post i also bought this wolf shirt from rvca. i just can't get enough. i love the graphic tees that rvca does for guys, the boy has quite a few, so i'm always on the lookout for cool women's pieces from them. last week i also picked up a dress and short sleeve cardi/tee from rvca at artizia. i'm wearing them in some upcoming posts. i love the zippers on alternative hoodies. they way they crinkle up and add some texture to a look when undone. what i'm not sure about is the tights in this post. i'm pretty sure i'm over the colour tights thing. these are a heather grey colour so they're still kind of a neutral but i'm still on the fence on them. should i retire them? i wore a green pair the other day and halfway through the day i couldn't stand them anymore and wanted to take them off but it was too cold. tights are kind of necessary in this weather and with this skirt though as it's almost too short. but you know where they're not necessary? southern utah and vegas, oh yeah 22 more days.

hoodie: alternative apparel

tee: rvca
skirt: urban
tights and socks: f21
boots: thrfited, micheal kors
scarf: madewell
bracelet: vintage


Stephanie said...

i love the last line of this post! and that blue scarf! I saw heels in cobalt blue today at Zara and I sooo wanted to break my black heel spell with them, but they didnt have my size. I'll try another zara to see for more luck. I think cobalt blue is one of the best colours on brunettes- and mustard yellow.

Don't retire these tights. they're neutral enough to go a long way yet. + soon you wont need to wear them and come fall you might be totally feeling them again. I'm really into eggplant coloured tights right now- though I don't own any....


Anonymous said...

hey cindy!
i love the contrast in the blue & gray:)
i wanted to know if you heard about this: (i saw it on facebook)


What: Giant clothing sale!!
Where: 73 McCaul St.
When: Saturday, March 28th 12:00pm-4:00pm

Some of your fellow fashion friends are cleaning out their closets and making room for some Spring necessities. Come help us out, and find some awesome things for yourself too!
There will be A LOT of American Apparel clothing, VINTAGE, shoes, jewelry, accessories,
and much more all ranging in sizes XXS-L
All items are extremely well taken care of, some barely worn, and others still have tags!

**73 McCaul St. directly across from OCAD and just blocks away Queen West, Dundas West, and St. Patrick subway station**


Anonymous said...

stephanie from le cheap c'est chic recommended you to me and i think your blog is amazing! i have just started mine and look on you for inspiration :) keep up the good work


stephanie said...

hey lady! Guess what? A) I just made a life-changing decision last night and am trying to move back to Toronto for the fall! I love it there so much and rave about it all the time and there's more work opportunities (well at least normally, when the economy isn't down-spinning) there in my field, and I just finally thought what am I waiting for to go back?! I really hope I find work! And then we can hang out and do outfit photoshoots :O!!!!!

ok and second of all i am currently lusting after these shoes on topshop and I had to share them with you as I know you feel my pain in that we have ZERO access to anything from there!! They make all the best knock offs- it's so unfair!!

Because Topshop links never take anyone further than the home page to see the shoes go to:
high heels
page 2
browse down
click on the WANDA raised wedge shoe.

love them!! ;)


Stardust and Sequins said...

you're so cute :-)


discothequechic said...

I think the tights look fine here, though I'm just generally looking forward to the weather getting warmer so that I can wear dresses with bare legs. After a winter full of tights, I'm getting very impatient!

Love the wolf tee by the way. It's very "I'm with the band" esp with the instruments propped up in the back!

Stephanie said...

I want those emma cook boots soooooo badly too! I checked ebay a little while back for them and they had a pair going for like 500 pounds!!!! I wonder how much they are when they're in stock on the site!


Inside Mode said...

I love your outfit. It's so wearable and looks oh so warm. Even though it's spring in NY, It's freezing, and I'm seriously running out of ways to look cute, but still stay warm.

gennie said...

hehe the ice cream sandwiches at diddy riese are worth visiting!! You should swing by if you're ever in LA :D

stephanie said...

I love the song too, it's by Keren Ann. Check out "Sur le Fil" I went through a phase with it on replay!

And I still cannot get enough of that Eric tune!!!! thanks for posting it ;)


CRISTA said...

love the tights/boots/denim skirt combo!! looks good.

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful cheer