the swivel in her hips and the look she gives

last week i met up with my mom and we spent the afternoon browsing the shops and having lunch at the drake cafe, yum. although i didn't buy much, i did pick up a bunch of different charms at the local bead shop. they have tons of different sections and i basically bought everything in the native and northern animal boxes. i also picked up ball chain to make necklaces for them to hang on. this is the first of my creations, a little gold arrowhead. i love a long ball chain and i've worn this puppy so much since then. the outfit was inspired by ash olsen and her leather minis. i wanted to try and take mine, which i never wear, and make it work for day. basically, add tights and loose layers and there you go. i really like this look and i may have to revisit it before summer sets in because leather and humidity are not a good combo. i wanted to take the time to say thanks to all my new commenters, i really appreciate all your lovely words. i don't always have time to comment back but i do check out all your blogs and try and follow them on bloglovin. lots of love, xxx cindy.

sweater: aritzia
scarf: winners
tops: diy studded, american apparel and love yaya
skirt: thrifted
boots: vintage guess
necklace: diy
ring: gift


Stephanie said...

lady you look gorgeous!
you need to rock the leather skirt for daytime more often definitely!!

and I love your new charms :) They sounds perfect :)


L. said...

great necklace, sweet tattoo...and hula hoop! (that *is a hula hoop behind you, right?)

Cindy said...

yes it is, it's a workout hula hoop. i hardly use it now that i got wii fit, as it has hula hooping on it.

Emma said...

Love the necklace - and GREAT choice on the animal charms.

The Slim Posh said...


Enjoy With My Blog!!!

I will follow your blog!!